Creative Packages

Make your holiday different with an activity - choose from the list below. Your choice will be provided during your Holiday or Bed & breakfast break (min 2 nights stay) here at Cerniog.

We have something for everyone to choose from. All are designed to bring something fun and often practical, combined with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. You can then return to your daily life feeling energised, inspired and relaxed.

Polymer Clay

If you are a creative, imaginative sort of person and have never explored the amazing possibilities that polymer clay has to offer, then this workshop will be the one for you! This medium gives you endless scope for being original once you have mastered the basics. It is all-absorbing and definitely addictive! No previous experience or special talent needed. There are also lots of tutorials available on-line to further inspire you.

We will show you those basic skills, such as using a rolling pin or pasta machine to condition the clay, and then learn to make various 'canes' from which you can then create your individual masterpieces to take home. These will be baked and, if we have time, assembled into beautiful pieces of jewellery, buttons, beads or whatever else you can imagine.

All materials for your basic tuition will be provided. Tools will be available for use during your workshop. There will be an assortment of basic tools and polymer clay available for sale. You will also be provided with a list of contact details for tutorials and supplies.

Guided Walks

We will take you to one or more of the many local circular walks that we love. And there are many to choose from, ranging from fairly easy and short to long and fairly arduous. Both Bee and Roger love walking in beautiful countryside. Indeed, it was one of the reasons we chose to live in this under-populated area. Most of our walks involve water, either with waterfalls, rivers or lakes, and often all of them together. We suggest you organise a group of friends, up to five of you, that have similar walking experience. We will, as a group, choose the walk/s that will suit us all best from a selection that we will provide. Most are within half, to an hours drive. We will provide recommendations but it's your choice. Please bring good walking boots as there is often muddy or rocky terrain. Suitable clothing for the weather is obviously important to consider too. There are also walks from Cerniog if people don't want to travel. 

Wine Making

Wine making is a way of life and an old fashioned craft, marking the seasons by using excess garden produce, leaves, flowers and berries to produce delicious natural wines. You feel a real sense of achievement when bottling and then sharing it with your friends, after having nurtured it for many months until ready. These wines are very different to grape wines, but equally delicious and can be made dry or sweet depending on your taste. The range of produce that can make wine is endless – our favourites include Oak leaf and Blackcurrant.

Attending one of our wine making workshops will teach you all you need to know to go away and start brewing your own. We will gather leaves, flowers, fruit or vegetables, depending on season, to make our wines. We will process these and make a 'must'. You will learn to 'rack' wine and will become familiar with bottling and corking. No previous knowledge necessary.

Drumming and Percussion

If you want to learn the basics of hand drumming on the Djembe, as well as a chance to try a range of percussion instruments, then bring your own drum or borrow one of ours. If you are already a Djembe player and want to have a fun drumming time then come and join in. This is less about learning rhythms and more about listening to each other and creating your own sounds within the group. We will touch on one or two West African poly-rhythms to give beginners a flavour of how rhythms fit together. Great for team building as well as just having fun.


Rug Making

The workshop will show you this ancient yet newly adapted technique of rug making using sheep's wool, as well as a chance to try a range of other techniques such as rag rugs, peg looms and use of hand spindles. You will use local wool, carders and a large crochet hook for your project. Your rug sample will be made on a piece of Hessian for you to take home and use as a cushion, seat cover, or hanging. We will also find time to introduce you to using rags for hooking rugs and on a peg loom. We will show you all you need to know to be able to continue this craft once you get home. A real sense of satisfaction comes from making something beautiful from something so natural. Your project will go home with you with enough wool to complete it. All materials for your basic tuition will be provided. Tools will be available for use during your workshop. We will have crochet hooks, pieces of Hessian, and possibly some spare wool for sale. Peg looms can be ordered from us. Also provided will be useful contacts for wool and carders etc.



Dowsing takes many forms and this workshop will teach you several dowsing techniques:- L-Rod and Pendulum. The main focus will be on Earth Energies. The day will be spent, firstly, making your own pair of “L rods”. We will then learn to use them and we have an earth energy line on the doorstep to practice with. You can also have a go at dowsing for water, using a “witness”, using a pendulum and map dowsing. We will look at the importance of defining your own rules and asking, mentally, the right questions. If the weather is good we can visit a local stone circle and try dowsing there.

Roger was inspired to start dowsing after being given a copy of “The Sun and the Serpent”. This is a book about tracking a pair of Earth Energy lines from Cornwall in the West to the East coast, passing through places like St Michael's Mount, Glastonbury Tor, Avebury stone circle & Bury St Edmunds – all connected by a straight line. Much time was spent visiting many of these amazing places, dowsing rods in hand.

Decorative Mirrors

If you like art deco or mirrors with some original style, then this workshop will be right for you.
I have not come across many artists using this medium in the way I do. The stick-on lead strips are easy to manipulate into any shape you imagine, creating your own unique design. We will teach you the basic techniques for applying the lead to the mirror and if you like, using glass paints to enhance the finished design. Stained glass is an art form I have always admired, but feel that this simpler lead decoration technique has different advantages such as creating complex curves as in tree branches or flowers, which would not be possible with stained glass. You will hopefully complete your first project during the workshop and you will have mastered the basic skills needed for you to continue experimenting further once you get home. All materials for your basic tuition will be provided. Tools will be available for use during your workshop. No previous artistic skills required.


Ceramic Mosaics

One of the aims of this workshop is to create something beautiful out of 'waste' materials which would otherwise be thrown away; if this resonates with you then the mosaic workshop is your perfect opportunity! We will gain familiarity with the basic tools and materials and safety aspects of this craft. You can then have a go at cutting and breaking tiles and creating your own masterpiece to take home. This will be in the form of a hotplate made on a tile. Designs can be anything from linear to images to random. Wild colours to monochrome. Your imagination is free to explore. Old broken tiles are often available for free from stores. You will be saving them from the tip! All materials for your basic tuition will be provided. Tools will be available for use during your workshop. No previous artistic talent required.



Meditation has many benefits that have been proven both scientifically and through the experience of very many people. We will review several types of meditation; guided, to music, and silent. After gaining a consensus on the style that might best suit we can enjoy several short, or fewer longer meditations. Meditations can also be private – we have many spaces on our land or nearby that provide your own space. We don't proscribe how it should be done but encourage each person to explore what is best, given that we are all different and have different levels of experience. Encouragement will be given to exploring different methods of meditation so this will suit everyone from complete beginners to regular practitioners.

Roger joined a meditation group many years ago and soon came to find and appreciate those benefits. With a friend he led a weekly meditation group and developed a specific meditation that was eventually recorded along with backing music. He has experienced numerous different types of meditation from “doing”, such as drumming, to “being” - simply sitting in nature. (The river running through our land provides a wonderful backdrop for this.)

Fixing Things

An introduction to the fun world of repairing (or at least trying to repair) those smaller broken items that usually get thrown away. Has your kettle or toaster stopped working? Bring it along to see if it can be fixed. It is very satisfying to mend something rather than adding to the mountains of landfill. We will start by looking at the various simple tools that can help to locate where a problem might be. We will then look at any items that have been brought along to gain practical experience of getting into things and the processes involved in fault finding. Whilst a logical approach can be beneficial, much can be achieved by just following a few basic steps.The day can be as intensive or relaxed as you choose.


Trout Fishing, Beginners or Experienced

Local fishery with free tuition for beginners

Set in the picturesque hillside above Carno, three lakes all stocked with hard fighting Rainbow Trout. Stocking size around 1.5 lb with a number of Specimen fish exceeding 10 pounds.

Chris, who runs the fishery, is also available (by appointment) to help you get started, if you are a beginner, with FREE tuition.

Catch limits: Each angler is entitled to take 2 fish per visit / week. All fish taken must be over 1 lb and less than 3 lbs in weight. Catch and release applies thereafter.

Prices: Yearly membership = £100. Day tickets = £15. 

Contact us here at Cerniog and we will arrange it all for you.

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The Creative Packages all follow the same basic format :-

Start at 10am - finish at 4:30pm, with lunch around 1pm.

No previous experience necessary. Choose what interests you and then Contact us.

*Prices are £45 for each activity, for up to two people. (Except Fishing. £15 p.p. for a day ticket)

     (We'll send you a PayPal invoice for your choice/s, separate from accommodation.)

*Inclusive of tea / coffee, simple lunch & evening meal. (Except Fishing.)

*7 days notice required.