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Cerniog Barn
Cerniog Barn

Our home


Sunlight illuminating ferns by the river.


A waterfall on a nearby river.

Cerniog Barn
Cerniog Barn

Our home


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Who are we?
We, Bee and Rog (RnB), have converted this old barn almost entirely by ourselves. We moved here in 2006 and tackled this mighty task while living in a motor home. We soon added an old caravan and built a "bath-house" (a kind of Sauna) by the river, adding to our "distributed living". The conversion has been eco-friendly, using lots of insulation and Ground Source heating.

What We Are About

It has been our dream to provide visitors with a somewhat home-spun experience that deeply relaxes, nourishes and inspires on many levels. What we enjoy most is sharing our space and our skills with small groups of people, in a relaxed atmosphere of creative tranquillity. By doing so we hope to enrich and balance people's modern lives and keep some of the old-fashioned skills alive at the same time.


Creativity lies at the very heart of being a confident and fulfilled human being.


  is off the beaten track, situated in a most magical spot on the edge of Carno in the Cambrian hills, away from the noise and bustle of modern life. All you can hear is the river that runs through the garden, the birds singing, and sheep grazing peacefully in the hills.

Hafan is Welsh for haven and that is what we have - a haven of peace away from the busyness of towns and cities.

Cerniog is the name we chose for the barn - after the river close by and the area.


Our Aim

Is Simple:- We believe in Customer Service, so if what we provide at Cerniog helps you to find some inner peace and 

happiness then our aim will have been fulfilled!.

More about Bee

I grew up partly in Sussex and partly in Germany (German mother) where I attended a Steiner School in which my father taught. These schools are based on a philosophy that teaches children through creativity, music and language. This background gave me plenty of opportunity to develop my practical and musical skills. Apart from bringing up 5 children (3 of them step-children) I have spent most of my life teaching and caring for all sorts of people with special needs. I have been teaching part time at a very small special school near Newtown in Powys. My main job there has been teaching life skills, especially cooking and crafts. After many years in this very rewarding yet challenging job, the time is right for a change of direction. Our dream has always been to renovate a beautiful old house and then work from home using talents we have gleaned over time and love to pass onto others. This is how these small weekend creative getaways have come about.  Our hopes are to inspire others to reconnect with their hidden creativity and thereby help to preserve some of the old skills. In a world so devoid of peace and tranquillity, there is an even greater need to find ways to de-stress and feel that sense of deep connection to nature and the satisfaction that comes from knowing how to make things yourself. All this is possible at Hafan Cerniog, our peaceful haven of creativity.

More about Rog

My upbringing was quite normal. Or was it? My mother did her utmost to encourage practical skills; In a temper one day, at the age of 8, I threw a plumbing fitting through a window pane. I was then patiently told how to fix it and then left to get on with it. I broke the first pane of glass trying to secure it with glazing brads so I had to walk back up to the glaziers to buy another one. The next year I whitewashed the outside of the house. Dad had to move the ladder for me as it was too heavy for me to manage by myself. The top of a gable ended roof seems a long way up, especially when still a youngster.

I made sledges and planes, crystal sets and volcanoes and put together my own bike from assorted bits scavenged from the dump. I have always enjoyed mending things too; I get a real kick from finding out how things work, and fixing them when they go wrong. An interest in electronics at secondary school helped to broaden the field.

Our home now, Cerniog, started life as a barn and I have converted it mostly by myself. Bee has been invaluable too – helping with bits that can't be done alone, as well as going out to work to bring in money to live on, and providing imagination and succour. The space we have created brings us both real joy, especially when we share it with family, friends and guests. Strangers are only friends we haven't met yet.

We both love nature so walking and exploring, especially near water, brings us close to the exceptional beauty that abounds in Wales. We would be honoured to share it with you.